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"ASGE" Association for Self-Governments´ Education in Slovakia - network of partner institutions

Association for Self-Governments´ Education provides a systematic and coordinated system of  education for municipalities.


The ASGE system is composed of Regional Training Centres (RVC) located in the following municipalities:

RVC Košice, RVC Martin, RVC Michalovce, RVC Nitra, RVC Prešov, RVC Rovinka,

RVC Trenčín and RVC Trnava




ASGE provides continuous education for staff of municipalities working in specific fields such as inspectors, registrars, chroniclers, accountants, financial managers, and other employees of institutions functioning as contributory institutions of municipalities (urban planning offices, social workers, managers of school canteens, employees of local police departments,)  but also for elected representatives such as mayors, heads of local government administration offices and members of local self-government councils.


Overview of number of participants who took part in trainings of the Regional Training Centres in the period 2004 - 2010



Number of events
   Number of participants
  2010      370    24 747
  2009      342     26 523
  2008      341     32 818
  2007      391     30 673
  2006      436     27 236
  2005      506     32 781
  2004      318     28 278



We provide our clients with opportunities for personal growth through educational activities, consultations, study trips, exchanges, regular evaluation of standards of activities of the Regional Training Centres.




Our scope of activities also covers publishing of specialised materials tailor made for individual vocational groups at municipalities. These are published within our edition Education in Municipalities. Examples of issued materials in 2009-2010:

  • Bookkeeping in Municipalities since 01.01.2010
  • Human Resources Development in Municipalities
  • Managerial Competences in Local and Regional Municipalities
  • Image of a Municipality Representative
  • Municipality Diary 2011-03-30
  • Local Self-Government – Basic Principles of Functioning – new release 2011


All the above mentioned publications are available within our network of Regional Training Centres.



Our aim is to facilitate for creation of space for cooperation with partner institutions and exchange of information through organising conferences.

In 2009 we organised a conference: “Education of vocational Groups, Standards of Education, New Trends in Education of Municipalities”.

The conference took place in the High Tatras. The event was held under the sponsorship of Mr. Ján Figeľ – Comissioner – DG Education and Culture, with media support of Obecné noviny, and financial support of Prvá komunálna finančná. Specialised workshops were attended by representatives of the Government, vocational associations, municipalities and guest from the USA.


Overview of selected activities of Regional Training Centres in  2007 - 2010